High-tech on and off the slopes: X-BIONIC is revolutionising winter sports once again

High-tech on and off the slopes: X-BIONIC is revolutionising winter sports once again

Icy temperatures and high speeds while skiing and snowboarding take quite a toll on ambitious winter sports athletes. With the multi-award-winning Decision Layer by APANI and the unique Energy Accumulator functional wear, X-BIONIC has once again created ideal basic equipment for performance-oriented winter sports up in the mountains.

As skiers and snowboarders glide through the snow, precision and skills are key. To ensure that athletes can fully focus on their performance, they must be able to completely rely on their equipment. For 20 years, the experts at X-Technology have been developing the award-winning Decision Layer for the APANI and X-BIONIC winter sports collection to allow all athletes to achieve top performances on the slopes.

“The X-BIONIC technologies have already made it onto the podium more than 800 times with top winter sports athletes. Especially in winter, due to extreme outside temperatures, heat-regulating material represents the key factor that ultimately leads to an athlete’s success”, Prof Dr Bodo Lambertz, founder of the internationally renowned brands X-BIONIC, APANI, and X-SOCKS, explains.

Heat-regulating technologies: Air­-conditioning Channel and 3D ­Bionic Sphere 

The collection featuring the Energy Accumulator technology, consisting of a top and pants, regulates skiers’ and boarders’ body climate as they give their all on the slopes: the 3D Bionic Sphere System in the Energy Accumulator pants leaves residual moisture on the skin which the body does not perceive as wetness. Sweat traps absorb the wetness before it becomes noticeable, let it evaporate, and remove it through circulating warmth. All that remains on the skin is a non-perceptible film of moisture that ensures an optimal body temperature. 

The tops in collection stand out with their Air-conditioning Channel as part of the extensive air-conditioning channel system. With this channel design, the fresh air exchange regulates the body temperature over the chest area. Through the permanent air movement along the air-conditioning channel, moisture is effectively drawn and transported out of the sweat zones.

In balance with APANI Merino

On and off the slopes, garment blended with APANI merino wool ensure efficient sweat management, the highest comfort, and optimal fit. The fast-flow technology combines the natural fibre with innovative technology approaches and creates the complex, highly functional materials design: the extremely light wool, paired with the 3D Bionic Sphere, sweat traps, and the incorporated Aircomplex zone create unprecedented sports material. Information that influences our entire well-being flows past the solar plexus. The top with its Aircomplex zone protects this sensitive zone through special channels. Trapped warm air provides optimal insulation in the cold. During physical exertion, the structure processes excess sweat and ensures a pleasant feeling around the stomach.

In Balance mit APANI Merino

Auf und abseits der Piste sorgen die Textilien mit APANI Merinowolle für effizientes Schweißmanagement, höchsten Komfort und optimale Passform. Die Fast-Flow Technologie kombiniert die natürliche Faser mit innovativen Technologieansätzen und sorgt für das komplexe hochfunktionelle Textilsystem: Die federleichte Wolle, gepaart mit 3D Bionic Sphere, Sweat Traps und der eingearbeiteten Aircomplex-Zone schaffen ein nie dagewesenes Sporttextil. Informationen, die das gesamte Wohlbefinden beeinflussen, fließen am Solarplexus vorbei. Das Shirt mit der Aircomplex-Zone schützt diese empfindliche Zone mit speziellen Kanälen. Eingeschlossene warme Luft isoliert optimal bei Kälte. Bei körperlicher Anstrengung verarbeitet die Struktur überschüssigen Schweiß und sorgt für ein angenehmes Bauchgefühl.

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Christian Langenegger Marketing Manager, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
Christian Langenegger Marketing Manager, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
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