Never Change a Winning Technology

Never Change a Winning Technology

The Swiss-Ski Pool extends their successful partnership with X-BIONIC

Swiss-Ski’s Alpine Team continues to rely on X-BIONIC’s Swiss precision, innovation, and technologies. The two premium Swiss brands extend their successful partnership in high-tech compression and functional underwear for four more years. The top athletes will continue to rely on the know-how of the specialists in highly functional sportswear in future. The athletes will be integrated into the technological development process more strongly through more intensive and direct collaboration with X-Technology. This know-how will benefit end users directly.

To date, the X-BIONIC and X-SOCKS brands were manufactured and marketed as part of a license model. From now on, X-Technology – the owner of the brand – will assume the marketing duties itself. These changes in the business structure lead to a careful reassessment of all sponsoring partnerships, to bring them into line with a strategy aimed at emphasising Swissness as a vital character of the Swiss premium brands.

“Our athletes are very satisfied with the collaboration, which is why we are delighted to extend the partnership with X-BIONIC. The highly functional clothing offers our athletes the exact support they need to deliver world-class skiing performances”, says Christian Zingg, Managing Director of the Swiss-Ski Pool, at the ISPO Munich, as he reflects on the extended collaboration with the premium Swiss brand.

Starting immediately, X-BIONIC will have its own team take over the care for the top athletes. This allows for intensive collaboration. The pros will provide valuable know-how for the development of new technologies and products. In return, X-Technology will provide them with state-of-the-art, innovative technologies.

“In competitive sports, and above all in Alpine skiing, milliseconds might determine who takes home the medals – here, every detail counts. We make a decisive contribution with our highly functional clothing and are delighted to get to chance to continue to support the Swiss-Ski Pool with our expertise. Together, we will continue to write our winning history”, says Patrick Lambertz, COO of X-Technology Swiss R&D AG.

The Swiss-Ski athletes primarily depend on the Energy Accumulator line by the Swiss specialists for highly functional clothing; with X-BIONIC even providing them with the special Patriot Edition in the Swiss national colours. In addition, the skiers compete in their special-edition Energizer MK2 shirt and wear Racoon Zip pullovers in the transition areas. 

Great news for sports retailers, who are offered a marketing tool as well as an argument in support of specialist retail advise.

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Florens von der Decken Junior Marketing Manager, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
Markus Müller Press Contact for the brands X-BIONIC®, X-SOCKS® & APANI®
Florens von der Decken Junior Marketing Manager, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
Markus Müller Press Contact for the brands X-BIONIC®, X-SOCKS® & APANI®
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