Super sportscar meets super sportswear: the collaboration between X-BIONIC and Lamborghini enters a new race

Super sportscar meets super sportswear: the collaboration between X-BIONIC and Lamborghini enters a new race

X-BIONIC extends its partnership with the Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini, continuing their collaboration on the joint functional sportswear line. The collection focuses on motivating both athletes and drivers to maximise their performance. Experience precision: starting in November, X-BIONIC and Lamborghini will present the industry-transforming collection exclusively at selected retailers.

Highspeed on all levels – that is the motto of the collaboration between the Swiss high-tech sports brand X-BIONIC and the Italian automotive company Automobili Lamborghini. With X-BIONIC for Automobili Lamborghini, they present sports and auto enthusiasts with a collection tailored to their needs and desires.

The developers of X-Technology optimised the materials of the X-BIONIC collection for maximum sporting performance as well as comfort in the driver’s seat. The Urus jacket, for example, is a water-proof, breathable, 3-layer jacket for extreme conditions. On the one hand, it facilitates optimal performance in wind and weather and, on the other, offers optimal functionality and the highest comfort in the driver’s seat: pockets arranged asymmetrically along the position of the seatbelt are easily accessible even while driving, a removable hood and foldable collar allow you to move your head freely and provide a clear view to the sides, and zipper openings on the sides at the hips prevent the jacket from getting pushed up when sitting down.

X-BIONIC and Lamborghini hit the road together in Italy

Starting in November, both collaboration partners are going on a roadshow, presenting to exclusive retail partners how they will be pushing athletes and racing drivers to their peak performances. “These two companies have more in common than one might think at first glance. Just like Lamborghini, X-Bionic also has its roots in Northern Italy, where we still produce our sportswear to this day. The scientists and engineers in our research centre in Switzerland are working every day on optimising athletes’ performances with our technology – just like Lamborghini has brought power and exhilaration to drivers since 1963”, says Prof. Bodo Lambertz, founder of the internationally renowned brands X-BIONIC, APANI, and X-SOCKS.

„Beide Unternehmen haben mehr gemeinsam, als man auf den ersten Blick denken würde. So wie Lamborghini hat auch X-BIONIC seine Wurzeln in Norditalien, wo wir heute noch unsere Sportswear produzieren. Die Wissenschaftler und Ingenieure unseres Forschungszentrums in der Schweiz arbeiten jeden Tag daran, mit unserer Technologie die Leistungsfähigkeit des Athleten zu optimieren – genau wie Lamborghini seit 1963 Autofahrer zu Hochgefühlen bringt“, sagt Prof. Dr. Bodo Lambertz, Gründer der international renommierten Marken X-BIONIC, APANI und X-SOCKS.

Stefano Domenicali, chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, sees things the same way: “Just like Lamborghini, X-BIONIC is a statement for strength, individuality, style, and dynamics. We are excited to carry this fascination over to other sports together.”

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Christian Langenegger Marketing Manager, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
Christian Langenegger Marketing Manager, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
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