X-BIONIC: 17 top awards in 2019 alone

X-BIONIC: 17 top awards in 2019 alone

Swiss Innovation leader sets new record in award winning

Just days before the ISPO, the world's largest sports exhibition, X-BIONIC's newest collection has accumulated further international awards. This time, five prestigious iF Design Awards. In total, the Swiss brand's next generation of supersportswear featuring the 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon® Technology has now collected 17 international awards in the 2019 season, further propelling its count of awards and test wins above 624. Furthermore, their newest X-SOCKS® technology - HeliXCoil has also won two prizes for the innovation in muscle stabilisation. With its outstanding technology, X-BIONIC® will enhance its existing and future collections. The innovation boost is also relevant in connection with the announced partnership with sports giant PUMA.


That independent juries around the world have lobbed praise on the newest 4.0 generation of X BIONIC's supersportswear shows that the company is as strong as ever and still firmly ahead of its competition.


The 2019 award winning X-BIONIC® products & technologies:


3 Awards for THE TRICK® G2 Run Shirt: ISPO Winner, Plus X Award, iF Design Award

3 Awards for EFFEKTOR® G2 Bike Bib Shorts: ISPO Winner, Plus X Award, iF Design Award

3 Awards for SPHEREWIND G2 Run Jacket: ISPO Gold Winner, Plus X Award, iF Design Award

3 Awards for STREAMLITE G2 Bike Jacket: ISPO Winner, Plus X Award, iF Design Award

2 Awards for TWYCE® G2 Bike Zip Shirt: Plus X Award, iF Design Award

1 Award for ENERGIZER® MK3 Sports Bra REVA: Plus X Award

2 Awards for HeliXCoil: ISPO Winner, Plus X Award

Delivering on a promise 

Last year the Swiss brand presented its latest 4.0 line-up for 2019 when the >X<-branded supersportswear would be coming out of its new Future Factory in Northern Italy boasting RETINA® Ultra-High-Definition technology places the patented performance-enhancing technologies more precisely on the skin than ever before. Market demand for the 4.0 Collection is so high that many products are already sold out. Thankfully the new factory has a capacity three times higher than the previous manufacturing facilities.

Exceeding all expectations

For all those who thought that the success story of X-BIONIC®`s could no longer be improved, the cult brand has a big surprise in store: in 2019 X-BIONIC® will start its partnership with sports giant PUMA. There is already talk of a "tsunami in the sports industry", sparked by the power of the global sportswear brand from Herzogenaurach and the innovation world champion X-BIONIC®.

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Christian Langenegger Marketing Manager, X-BIONIC
Christian Langenegger Marketing Manager, X-BIONIC
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