X-BIONIC invests in smart production for global expansion of the cult brand

X-BIONIC invests in smart production for global expansion of the cult brand

  • X-BIONIC invests in the Italian Future Factory
  • Full vertical production with trebled capacity
  • Ground-breaking precision in production
X-BIONIC, a company that has been honoured as the Most Innovative Brand Of The Year nine times in succession, has been the leading producer in the segment of premium sports clothing for over 20 years. International award-winning innovations such as the X-BIONIC Energy Accumulator are acclaimed as popular icons of world-class sporting achievement. Countless sporting champions and professional teams now pursue X-BIONICs mantra: Turn Sweat Into Energy. The secret of the patented interfaces for the skin: bionic research, Swiss engineering and unparalleled product quality. X-BIONIC is now resolutely extending this quality lead.

The new X-BIONIC Future Factory in northern Italy will start production of X-BIONIC products in May 2018 and is enabling the Swiss specialists to realise 3D technology in unprecedented quality and precision.

Thanks to investments worth millions of euros, the X-BIONIC Future Factory will be manufacturing its products with X-BIONIC Retina Technology at the new location as early as May 2018. The products will be introduced to the market in early 2019. In future, X-BIONIC products will thus be available with entirely new levels of precision and performance. This is a quantum leap in technology, on par with the first ultrahigh-definition smartphone displays.

Thanks to fully vertical manufacturing, all stages of production come from a single source: knitting, sewing, washing, dyeing and packaging. This delivers efficiency and sustainability in production thanks to fewer and shorter transportation routes, also safeguarding quality throughout the supply chain.

The future cradle of X-BIONIC products is also trebling production capacity for the cult brand: X-BIONIC is preparing its progressive global expansion, securing delivery capacity and at the same time placing emphasis on its claim to leadership in terms of manufacturing quality and modern functional clothing.

Despite its global brand presence, X-BIONIC is thus remaining faithful to its European roots and is continuing to rely on Swiss engineering, Italian textile expertise and rich brand experience. The latest example of this is the recently completed x-bionic sphere in Šamorin, Slovakia, covering an area measuring one million square metres. The company has unveiled a unique sporting base to function as an international competition venue and an official Olympic training centre. Athletes such as the Olympic show jumping medallist Doda Miranda and the former European triathlon champion Filip Ospalý train in the x-bionic sphere.

“Fascinating brand experiences such as the x-bionic sphere, the x-bionic yacht club and the new Future Factory are a direct reflection of our passion for performance, which we share with millions of X-BIONIC fans worldwide. The new production capacity will enable X-BIONIC to satisfy growing demand from almost 40 markets and remain one of the most innovative brands in the sporting arena,” says Patrick Lambertz from the X-Technology Swiss R&D AG.

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Markus Müller Press Contact for the brands X-BIONIC®, X-SOCKS® & APANI®
Sandra Künzler Head of Sales International, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
Markus Müller Press Contact for the brands X-BIONIC®, X-SOCKS® & APANI®
Sandra Künzler Head of Sales International, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
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X-Technology Swiss, the innovator of ultra-functional clothing, has been uniting Swiss precision and the tradition of Italian craftsmanship in its products under the brands X-BIONIC®, X-SOCKS® and Apani® since 1998. Within a few years, X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® have redefined the world of functional clothing. As its brand name suggests, the developers of X-BIONIC® transfer bionic knowledge from nature into functional clothing with the aim of increasing athletes‘ efficiency and well-being. The brand’s solutions are based on pioneering technology. Protected by more than 800 patent registrations worldwide, one function they perform is to release the body’s energy reserves through thermoregulation. Over 560 international awards and product review wins for innovation, product quality, functionality and material quality speak for themselves.     

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