X-Technology Swiss sets the course for the global growth of its iconic brands

X-Technology Swiss sets the course for the global growth of its iconic brands


With its brands X-BIONIC, X-Socks, and APANI, the Swiss research group for highly functional clothing used the ISPO 2018 to kick off the reorganization of its cult brands. In addition to new sales and production teams for the Spring/Summer 2019 collections, X-Technology presented new textile technologies which will go on sale in Spring/Summer 2019.  The proposed new structure will enhance the brand essence and focus on the company’s bionic approach.

  • INTERSOCKS will be the future production partner of X-SOCKS
  • A new sales team for X-BIONIC and X-SOCKS starts in May 2018
  • X-Technology increases production capacity and launches a new quality from X-BIONIC

X-Technology increases quality with Retina-HD and hands X-BIONIC back to the inventor 

Due to the termination of the collaboration with Trerè in the production and sales of the brands X-BIONIC and X-SOCKS, effective by January 2019, X-Technology Swiss is repositioning its sectors for the future. 

"Sales are the key to the market. By retrieving these areas, we can reorganize strategy, pricing, and products as well as expand and form successful partnerships with retailers”, says Patrick Lambertz, COO of the X-Technology Swiss GmbH. 

Together with the future production partner, the Norman Group, X-BIONIC products will from now on be produced with 'Retina High Definition Technologie'. A particularly fine knitting resolution is achieved through the use of a considerably higher number of needles. The new partner from northern Italy will be producing the collection from Spring/Summer 2019 and is capable of delivering a production volume of 40,000 items per day and 12 million per year. 

The X-SOCKS success story continues 

At the ISPO Munich 2018, the foundation for the successful expansion of the X-SOCKS premium brand was also laid. The two established market leaders, X-Technology and INTERSOCKS, have sealed a long-term collaboration for the production of the legendary X-SOCKS for collections starting in Spring/Summer 2019. 

INTERSOCKS is currently investing in new manufacturing facilities and is already producing 35,000 pairs of socks per day for a wide range of providers.

Own sales team from May 2018 

From May 2018, a new 30-person-strong sales team for the brands X-BIONIC and
X-SOCKS will also be launching in the DACH region. It will be supplemented by established agencies with many years of experience in the market. In the other countries, the X-BIONIC and X-SOCKS products will continue to be sold through independent distributors. From the end of the partnership with the previous licensee in January 2019, the delivery of goods will be spread over two logistics centers in Switzerland and the Czech Republic. 

"We see great potential for streamlining the care of dealers and importers. We are delighted to continue writing the success story with the powerful new team, the well-established back end, the strengthened brand essence, and new products, and to meet growing international demand. With the X-BIONIC training academy, we are therefore creating an important tool to be as close as possible to the retailers and to support trade through our know-how in the sale of our premium products. We are glad that there is a trade fair like the ISPO Munich. It offers us the ideal platform from which to launch our reorganization," says Patrick Lambertz, COO X-Technology Swiss R&D AG.

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Florens von der Decken Junior Marketing Manager, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
Markus Müller Press Contact for the brands X-BIONIC®, X-SOCKS® & APANI®
Florens von der Decken Junior Marketing Manager, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
Markus Müller Press Contact for the brands X-BIONIC®, X-SOCKS® & APANI®
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X-Technology Swiss, the innovator of ultra-functional clothing, has been uniting Swiss precision and the tradition of Italian craftsmanship in its products under the brands X-BIONIC®, X-SOCKS® and Apani® since 1998. Within a few years, X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® have redefined the world of functional clothing. As its brand name suggests, the developers of X-BIONIC® transfer bionic knowledge from nature into functional clothing with the aim of increasing athletes‘ efficiency and well-being. The brand’s solutions are based on pioneering technology. Protected by more than 800 patent registrations worldwide, one function they perform is to release the body’s energy reserves through thermoregulation. Over 560 international awards and product review wins for innovation, product quality, functionality and material quality speak for themselves.     

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